Saturday, March 18, 2017

1 year Photo Shoot!

One year ago, Charlotte Annie was ten days old and had her newborn photo shoot. 

375 days later on St. Patrick's Day 2017, I sit here amazed at the difference one year makes!  Enjoy the 1 year old photo shoot from a couple weeks ago!!

I was so excited when the photographer encouraged me to bring items from home to the photo shoot.  The "I am 1" banner was a consignment find last fall when Aunt Marie and I went to a sale near her house.  It was only $3!!  I made the lollipops, balloon, and candy decorations that went along nicely with the candy themed birthday party this past weekend.

Charlotte loved wearing her cousin Riley's romper!

The heart ornament was a sweet gift from a friend that has an inspirational message of hope on it.  I wanted to include it in the photos since Charlotte serves as a reminder to me to trust and place hope in God every day.  <3

This one is going to go in the St. Francis Room!  The elephant is from one of my dearest friends and is one of my favorite stuffed animals Charlotte received from the Pennsylvania baby shower.  The headband on the elephant's head is from Charlotte's godmother/Aunt Wendy!

This beautiful cake dress was borrowed from Charlotte's babysitter.  It was a darling outfit and the hair bow from the previous owner of our house was a perfect match to the dress!

Rather than use her hands, Charlotte would much rather eat cake with her feet.  ; )

The cake fell off the platter due to Charlotte using her feet instead of her hands...oopsie!

The bib from cousin Susie was a perfect accessory to this portion of the photo shoot!  The photographer, Kayla Sweeney Photography, generously provided the smash cake and perfectly matched diaper cover!!
I love how you can see the felt cupcake I made as a decoration for Charlotte's birthday party in the background of this photo.  Check out the colorful ruffles on the diaper cover too!

This was Charlotte's favorite part!  She even had bubbles in her galvanized bath tub!!

This book is the first one that Daddy read to her when she was one day old!  He had gone home the day after she was born to get some rest and shower.  Upon his return to the hospital, he brought this book and read it to her.  That was one of my favorite moments during our long hospital stay and it makes me tear up just thinking about it.  <3

That face!! 

Kayla, our fabulous photographer, created this collage on Charlotte's birthday...what a sweet gesture!

Love you so sweet child of mine!

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Charlotte Ann is one!!

Wow, Charlotte is ONE!!!!???!!!
This past month Charlotte started scooting on her bottom, clapping, dancing, playing peek a boo, and "singing" by cooing along with certain songs.  Charlotte had a busy month!  She took a road trip to Hershey to help surprise Pappy for his big 70th Surprise Birthday earlier in February!  We drove out and back in one day so were quite the road warriors that weekend!!

Looking at pictures of some of her California cousins!

Mmm, chocolate!

We successfully surprised Pappy!

Charlotte likes to play until she drops!

Lazy weekend mornings are my favorite.  <3

Mildly amused at something I was doing....I forget what!

Getting a sneak peek of her birthday present (a Noah's Ark photo album of pictures from the first year!)...

Soooo tired but holding out until she could barely keep her eyes open...

She loves trying to give her toys to someone.  The only thing is...she doesn't like to let go.  ;)

This month's milestone was scooting!!!

She also fell asleep in the high chair for the first time this month.  ;)

She has a whole room of toys but would rather play with doggie toys.

Now that she is more mobile, she also enjoys getting into things she shouldn't (boxes, laundry baskets, the coffee table, etc.).

She loves using her feet for everything...petting the dog & smashing up cake during her 1 year old birthday photo shoot....!

After enjoying dinner, Charlotte got to open her birthday cards and gifts from some dear friends & family.  I think she enjoyed herself and is looking forward to her party this Saturday!!

Loungin' on Daddy and Mommy!  She doesn't look like a baby anymore and looks like a toddler....yikes!

 The video above is one of my all time favorites of her!  Love that laugh!!!

We are so excited to celebrate with family this weekend!  It's nearly 11:30pm on Charlotte's birthday night and I can't help but think that exactly one year ago at this point, I was being prepped for a surgery I have thought about every single day since then...even when I tried really hard to not think about it. I've sobbed over it.  Cursed it.  Was frustrated to no end by it.  Have resigned myself to it some days and other days, it's like hearing those words over and over again for the first time when my mind plays that dreadful conversation on repeat.  And am now, after recently celebrating my own birthday, I'm seeing that I need to look at the surgery with gratitude too.  If it were not for that surgery, I would not be here excitedly waiting for this time tomorrow night to roll around and to be driving to the airport to pick up my mother-in-law who is flying in from California to celebrate Charlotte with us.  If it were not for the surgery that seemed to have robbed me of so many dreams I had held since I was a little girl, I wouldn't have had the chance to start preparing for the upcoming party weeks ago or to think of some possible fun local activities to do with our Virginia Beach family who will be coming to visit too.  I would not be counting down the days until Saturday when I get to see my brothers, sisters-in-law, nieces & nephews again or to share the latest milestones and news with my parents.  Aunts, uncles, and cousins are coming from near and far to help us commemorate Charlotte Ann's first year.  Aunt Maureen is even flying in and back to Boston in one day just to come to the party.  So many are giving up time this weekend, putting miles on their cars, hopping on planes, all just to celebrate our Sweet Charlotte.  She is such a special part of not only Adam's and my lives but of so many others.  What a gift.  We are so grateful for our village!

Things I always want to remember:

+ your sweet smile and throaty belly laugh
+ your adorable little feet
+ how much you still love it when we walk in your room in the morning
+ your social nature and how you respond and react to other children of all ages
+ you love car rides and are such a good traveler!!
+ your sometimes slow to come around to new food habit...ha!  Sometimes it takes a few days to like something
+ how you squeal & squawk, flash your hands in the air (jazz hands anyone), and lean toward something that excites you
+ the way you smell after bath time
+ how much you enjoy story time
+ you coo and rock back and forth to certain songs and music
+ the softness of your hair and while we're on the subject of your hair....your hairstyle right now is pretty flipping adorable!
+ how you are starting to blow kisses!
+ you are such a sweet baby...which is the theme of your upcoming birthday party.  If I could have five more of you, I so would.  Love you so baby girl! The year has gone by so fast....and you have made me so happy in becoming your mom.  I know you have done the same for your Daddy too just by being you!

Future ballerina perhaps??

Happy Birthday sweet girl!!  Thank you for being such a gift to so many!!

Keep spreading joy wherever you go sweetie!